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Celebrating Faith with Religious Challenge Coins

A fresh and new kind of inspiration

The denim jeans from reputed brands have a fifth pocket that is very small in the front. These pockets were used to keep the pocket watches which are now out of fashion. Now, this pocket has also gone smaller and smaller with the time and now this pocket is being utilized for a coin. People keep change in this small pocket but certain people use these coins for something special kind of coins such that religious or prayer coin.

These Religious challenge coins are carrying a different kind of messages such as unity, companionship, unity and support with a blend of spiritual aspects in it. People keep them in their key chains, keep them in their cars for its protection and keep it in their coin pocket to always have it with them. They find it to be a perfect source of inspiration of comfort wherever they go.

Custom Prayer Coins

Prayer coins reflect the prayers that are pressed in the face on a coin in a sharp text that will be easily read and you can always keep it handy with you. You can recite your prayer anytime anywhere whenever you want. You can attach the beads to count the number of times you have recited.

You could have excellent designs in the coins crafted along with the text. You can customize the coins for the text of the prayers at one side while a beautiful design on the other side for any specific symbol you want.

The firefighters and the department of Police and even Military men are provided with these custom prayer coins which is a perfect gift for them as they are front line heroes whenever there is the need and they are not behind even sacrifice their life.  It is believed that these coins would protect them from harm. The coin acts as a perfect reminder of every danger they may face and tell them to take every precaution that is meant to be taken.

The text in the coin is added in numerous ways but the important point is to keep high contrast so that each letter is visible. For Eg, The Coin will be fully plated with the gold and the area around the coin surface and the text is crafted with the black colour using black enamel.

These coins help you to take out your coin at any point of time and recite your prayer in peace and quiet.

Building Faith with Custom Coins

While prayer coins are truly perfect for the time to reflect their faith, the religious challenge coins are meant to celebrate in community. These have been part of military services since so many years and each member must have their coins.

These types of coins give the message of comfort and promote trust amongst members. Even religious groups create their custom coins and they inspire the community well. These coins serve and spread the strong feeling of belonging inside the group members. You can explore the religious coins wholesale whenever you look forward to having a customized coin for your business, group or community.


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