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Where to travel in July?

July is the beginning of summer and vacations and the end of obligations and of course bad weather. We have prepared some ideas for you to travel in July that you will surely love because our Flight + Hotel promotions are ideal for getting cheap vacations with which to take advantage of the month of July and all its possibilities. From sun and beach destinations to big cities around the world, passing through paradises such as the Canary Islands, the only thing we know perfectly is that the travel offers that we are going to share with you here are ideal for any type of traveller.

European destinations


Sardinia will never let you down. Even if you have already been, this corner of Italy has a lot to offer you. For example, natural places with such charm as Neptune’s Grotto or Cape Caccia will leave you speechless. But July in Sardinia is synonymous with the beach. Some of the best are Cala Goloritzé or La Luna, two spaces in which the Mediterranean shows incredible colours and in which few will bother you while you relax as can only be achieved in the month of July.


Florence doesn’t have a beach, but does it need one to be an interesting destination? The truth is that no, and the fact is that the capital of the Italian Renaissance is enough and more than enough for its beauty to always be a destination that should not be left aside. In addition, in July its weather is very pleasant, so you can get away from the heat and walk freely through monuments such as Santa Maria del Fiore, the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio or the Palazzo Vecchio, incredible experiences no matter where you look.


The colourful postcard landscapes of Santorini receive around 14 hours of sunshine a day in July, perfect for unlimited enjoyment of beaches such as Perissa or the fascinating bay of Amoudi. Between beaches and boat trips around the islands, you can enjoy Fira, with its cliffs and its Orthodox church, and Oia, with its white houses perched on the cliff and its dreamy sunsets. In addition, the island offers various activities, from scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding to hoverboarding, flyboarding, skateboarding and jet skiing. Santorini’s possibilities make you feel unstoppable.


Being in Europe and Asia, having been the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires and being, today, an incredible and rich living museum, Istanbul is an impressive city. Its weather in July is excellent. Therefore, it is a pleasure to sail through the Bosphorus in the midst of dolphins and seagulls, visit the Hagia Sophia Museum at your own pace and enjoy a traditional dance performance by the whirling dervishes. It is also a good plan to go to the Turkish shadow theatre and the eternal fights between Karagöz and Hacivat.


Many people do not notice that, halfway between Europe and America, there is a small Portuguese archipelago that has some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in all of Europe. Its most important island is Sao Miguel and it is well known for its lakes. Among them, the Lago del Fuego and the Lago das Sete Cidades are the most important. But, beyond that, its Ribeira Grande Nature Reserve is also a real delight. If we add to this the beauty of its beaches, the wonderful views it offers and its isolated character in the middle of the Atlantic, it can only be considered one of the most interesting destinations to enjoy a holiday in July.

Getaways outside of Europe

Dominican Republic

In July it rains in the Dominican Republic, it is true, although rest assured that you will also enjoy its beaches with coconut trees, crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand. The idyllic setting of Bayahibe gives you those Caribbean postcards you dream of, and Dominicus beach seduces you with its splendid coral reefs. La Romana, for its part, is perfect for couples, families and fans of golf and water sports. Punta Cana unfolds the splendid beauty of the Caribbean and tempts you with endless activities, such as water sports and fun merengue and salsa classes.


With 11 hours of daylight a day in July, the best place to enjoy a cocktail on the beach in Varadero, with its idyllic, kilometre-long stretches of fine white sand alongside a crystal clear, unreal blue sea. If you love snorkelling and scuba diving, delve into the colourful seabeds of Cayo Santa María, Cayo Largo del Sur or Jardines del Rey. In addition, during almost the entire month of July, there are several carnivals overflowing with music, dance, shows, colour and fireworks throughout the island.

New York

July in New York invites you to stroll, eat and admire outdoor shows. The month starts strong, with the famous celebrations of the 4th of July, United States Independence Day, and continues with multiple parties and events. Since 1986, SummerStage has been held, one of the largest performing arts festivals in the Big Apple. Concerts, theatre, dance and many other expressions can be enjoyed for free in the 16 parks of New York. And in mid-July, you can see the wonderful Manhattanhenge, the sunset aligned with the streets of New York.


The possibilities for Mexico in July are practically limitless. If you prefer tourist environments, throw yourself into the beach atmosphere of Cancun or Acapulco, and if you are interested in discovering the authentic Mexican charm and its Mayan soul, come, for example, to Monte Albán and its archaeological site. Throughout the month, festivals are held in different parts of Mexico, including the joyous National Danzón Festival, which takes place in several cities. Are you betting on the Riviera Maya? Take time to visit Sian Ka’an, a cooperative of women orchid growers where you can participate in various fun and ecological activities.


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